I & M Scozzafava

I think that Natasha is amazing! The love and passion for her work is oozing out of her! Natasha captured our wedding with an amazing sight of who we are! She caught all the little intimate moments that to the normal eye would have never been seen. I look at the photos and can actually feel the exact moment all over again. Mauro and I were blown away by the way Natasha made the day so much more special! She is everything on the day, mother, friend, hairdresser, therapist, florist, doctor, everything you can imagine she will be there to fix it and make you smile and laugh. Natasha has passion for life and beauty that is rare to find and when you leave her presence you feel as though you are the most special people on the world. Not to mention you want to run out an become a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is not just a job for Natasha, it is an amazing passion that you want to be part of!